Jeromey “Tilt” McCulloch is a professional tattooer who resides in Champaign, Illinois, where he has owned and operated NewLife Tattoos since 2001. Tilt is a tattoo history enthusiast and a collector of antiques. He is committed to studying and carrying on the tradition of tattooing.


Built on Tradition is a collection of 100 15×20 paintings designed to be used as ideas for or as back tattoos. A project 5 years in the making. This type of project and quantity has never been attempted. Author of Classic Flash In 5 Bold Colors and Classic Flash 2: In 5 Bold Colors, Jeromey “Tilt” McCulloch explores several tattoo art motifs ranging from Traditional American, Japanese, and other subject matter coming from varying source materials. Each painting is accompanied with a page of secondary images, preliminary sketches and explanations of how each painting was created.


This type of project and quantity has never before been attempted. This is your chance to see Tilt’s original idea and the collection of all 100 paintings.